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Step Singulator

Product Description

Step Singulator

  • The Progress Singulator is a log sorting system placed between a log deck and a conveyor to handle the log supply
  • Capable of handling the widest range of log mix, from 3″ to 30″ in diameter and from 4′ to tree length
  • Consists of fixed and movable steps acting in a reciprocating motion
  • Capable of handling surge accumulation without the need of additional assistance in most cases
  • It is first a log unscrambler
  • Straightens out logs laying crossed or jackstrawed on the surge pocket during operation
  • The Step Singulator feeds one log at atime eliminating the need for further separation
  • Available in 35 and 50 degree elevations
  • Custom models available to suit customer needs

Step Singulator Brochure

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