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The Progress Roto Flow Screen is built to offer the most accurate screening with the least amount of vibration. The screen body is made of heavy angle and tubing sufficiently braced to give years of trouble free service. All drive bearings are double roller-type and permanently sealed. Screen box is suspended on heavy duty universal joints.
The screen has a gentle rotary action, which allows chips to slide over a metal screen cloth for the most effective screening rather than tumbling or upending.

There is no expensive gear box to maintain, as the drive consist of a simple vee belt to a balanced flywheel to power the inertia of the circular motion. Therefore it takes only a minimum of horsepower to operate the screen.

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Sizes: 5' X 5'  -  10' X 15'
Other sizes are available

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Roto-Flow Chip Screen
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For Roto-Flow Chip Screen Specifications in Acrobat Reader (PDF) format please click here

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