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The Progress Balanced Vibrating Conveyor is engineered primarily to feed trim blocks, sawdust, bark, edgings, and slabs. 
The conveyor comes in five standard size pans, with bottom widths of 18" and 24", ranging in depth from 6" to 12". Pans of other width and depths are available. They are built in 10 foot sections which are bolted together to make up a conveyor of the required length. Odd length sections are available for use at the
ends of the conveyor when the length is not a multiple of 10 feet. Counter balanced design provides an extremely smooth-running conveyor with reduced foundation and support structure requirements.
Horsepower used ranges from 5HP to 30HP depending on the length of the conveyor and the load that is to be conveyed.

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Various Sizes Available


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Balanced Vibrating Conveyor
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For Balanced Vibrating Conveyor Specifications in Acrobat Reader (PDF) format please click here
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